DISCOVER Lab Master's student Sri Vijay Bharat Peddi joins IBM upon finishing his Master's degree. Congratulation to Sri Vijay!


DISCOVER Lab Master's student Pallavi Kuhad joins Ernst & Young upon finishing his Master's degree. Congratulation to Pallavi!


DISCOVER Lab postdoc researcher Dr. Mona Omidyeganeh joins the IMPACT research group at Concordia University. Congratulation to Mona!


DISCOVER member joins Magor Corp.
DISCOVER Lab postdoc researcher Dr. Mehdi Semsarzadeh joins Magor Corp. Congratulation to Mehdi!

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DISCOVER Lab now has a new website and logo.


DISCOVER Lab has received an NSERC Engage research grant in "Fair and Efficient Bandwidth Allocation of Inelastic Traffic in SDNs" to work with Huawei Canada and to design a centralized SDN-based solution to the problem of network flow assignment for inelastic flows such as video.

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The Discover Lab will collaborate with Cisco in an NSERC CRD funded project to study and design 3D/multiview and free-viewpoint video streaming systems.


 DISCOVER Lab has won an NSERC Collaborative Research and Development (CRD) research grant in "Scalable Free-Viewpoint 3D Video Streaming" to work with Cisco Systems and study, design, and develop a framework for free-viewpoint streaming of 3D video from a server to multiple heterogeneous users over the Internet. 

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Dr. Abbas Javadtalab who did his PhD at the DISCOVER Lab under the supervision of Prof. Shirmohammadi is now an R&D member in Ericsson's Multimedia Communications group. Congratulations, Abbas!


DISCOVER Lab researchers release a dataset of videos of drivers in real-world driving conditions who are yawning, and can be used in computer vision research for recognizing people yawning and fatigue. 
See here for more details.

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DISCOVER Lab alumnus Dr. Dewan T. Ahmed becomes Assistant Professor at UNC, Charlotte, USA. We wish all the best to Dewan in his career!