Dataset: YawDD


This is a dataset of videos of drivers in real-world driving conditions who are yawning, and can be used in computer vision research for recognizing people yawning and fatigue. 
See here for more details.

 Dataset: FooDD


This is a dataset of a variety of food images that can be used for automatic or semi-automatic calorie and nutrition measurement.
See here for more details.

Dataset: GSET Somi


A highly detailed and high resolution eye tracking dataset of players with various skills playing the game Somi.
See here for more details.

 Software: An Open Source Cloud Gaming Testbed Using DirectShow


An open source cloud gaming testbed the screen capturing module of which is fundamentally a DirectShow filter and, hence, can be tuned for any DirectShow compatible video game. It also facilitates the measurement of delay and video quality.
See here for more details.